• A Fresh Approach

A Fresh Approach from London's Leading Training Rooms Provider

Purpose-designed and benefiting from the latest technologies and fresh-air control systems, the Imparando City of London Learning Centre is the optimum environment for corporate training, education and other events.

Our vision was to create a suite of HiSpec IT training, conference, meeting and event rooms n Central London that offered the brightest, freshest, most conducive learning environment available. Our extensive experience and expertise, and the significant investment in this dedicated training and event facility, have enabled us to realise that vision.

The end result: learning, enjoyment and ROI are all maximised for clients and delegates.

Amongst the many factors that contribute to this optimum environment (and to more alert and more receptive delegates) are:

Controlled air quality and temperature

Our high-specification HVAC system is designed to cope with 100% occupancy (as opposed to the standard 75%). Unlike many training facility systems, it’s also designed for an environment in which it is assumed everyone is using a PC and a monitor. This means there will always be  ample fresh air circulating  in each room, at the right temperature, to provide optimum conditions. As a result, people are more alert throughout the whole day and everyone derives more value from their training or event.

Lots of natural daylight

All of our training and event rooms benefit from an abundance of natural daylight, as the entire facility is based above ground level. So no matter which room you choose, everyone benefits from the same light, inviting ambience and the same well-balanced blend of light sources.


Many so-called training rooms offer only partial soundproofing. Ours are soundproofed from floor core to the top of the ceiling void (below the raised floor and above the suspended ceiling) to provide 35db of sound attenuation from one room to the next. All air-condition ducts to the external walls of the building are also enclosed in sound baffles to eliminate external noise. This means that each room is totally sound-isolated from every other room in the building, and from external sources, virtually ensuring that no distracting sounds from outside your room affect your training or event.