Technical Support

At the Imparando City of London Learning Centre, technical support is in-house, on-site and on hand whenever required.

As well as providing training services such as set-up and†image deployment, our support function is available to provide immediate technical assistance to ensure that all events run seamlessly.

Our approach is to be a “partner” for your training, conference or meeting event, rather than just a provider. For training events in particular, that level of support is invaluable. It means that the trainer can:

  • Walk straight in to the training centre and deliver ready-to-run training
  • Rely totally on the technical infrastructure and equipment at the training venue
  • Forget any worries about technical issues
  • Concentrate 100% on meeting training objectives.

A major benefit of such an approach is the time and cost saving. Yet all of the above is included in the rental cost of the training facility. There are no hidden extras. And, of course, simpler, fairer, transparent pricing cuts down on your pre- and post-event admin time too.