• Training Investment verses Costs

Every business is looking to cut costs, and cutting training can seem like a solution. However, developing your people and your competitive edge is more important than ever before.

Far better, we believe, that companies look at the environment in which they deliver training. This will find provide ample opportunity to cut costs and add value.

The opportunity to cut cost

  • Internal floor space devoted to training rooms is typically under-utilised, with 70% utilisation at best
  • This under-utilised space is unproductive space that eats up rent, rates and other charges
  • Maintaining equipment and IT support to internal training areas is high-cost, too
  • By using a Serviced Training Suite at Imparando, companies can meet their need for training space while reducing costs.

The opportunity to add value

By using our serviced training rooms facility, companies can also:

  • Free up their previously under-utilised training space for 100% office occupancy and productive use
  • Have regular access to the optimum off-site training environment – within easy reach for London-based companies, yet separate from everyday work pressures
  • Breathe new life into training and development thanks to the quality of the purpose-designed, always fit-for-purpose Imparando Serviced Training Suite
  • Benefit from Imparando’s experienced on-site customer service, technical and support staff – but without having to maintain such staff all year round on their payroll.