• Training Facility Outsourcing

Training Facility Outsourcing Cost Savings

The cost benefits really add up organisations that outsource their physical training facility to one of our Dedicated Training Suites.

That’s because maintaining in-house corporate training facilities comes at a very high cost:

  • Utilisation of dedicated company in-house training rooms can be as low as 30-40%
  • Maintaining high-spec equipment levels in these areas is a constant drain on budget
  • Training rooms can make big demands on your IT support staff
  • There are constant demands to gain a better yield from floor space.

By renting or leasing one of our three purpose-designed, fully serviced training suites at our City of London Learning Centre you can benefit from a managed training solution that:

  • Drastically reduces training costs
  • Improves the ROI you achieve from training budgets
  • Reduces your lease footprint and/or frees up your organisation’s under-used floor space for 100% occupancy and more profitable use.

Most companies don’t need training rooms every day, so we’re flexible

Use our training suite facilities and included technical support for just the occasional training day, or get even more out of your training budgets with our cost-effective longer-term agreements.

Also, with Imparando your training space can be tailored to your exact needs. A branded training room is just one of the options we offer alongside flexible rental and lease options.