• Image Management

Image Management

To make the your life and the lives of trainers and training managers simpler, we can take care of all your image build management and deployment needs.

First we work with you to understand what you need for your event or ongoing training programme. Then we build an image that includes the required software applications pre-installed.

Training deployed in minutes and anywhere
in the world

Using this method saves valuable time and money. Images can be deployed to a classroom at the Imparando City of London Learning Centre, or indeed anywhere in the world, in advance of the event, without the trainer being present.

Secure image storage and updates

We can create an image of any Server or Client platform, install the required software, configure it and distribute the image via FTP, DVD or external hard drives, depending on the Image size. We can also securely store and update revisions of images for our clients, enabling you to speed up training delivery and ensure your class has the latest version of the required applications.