Imparando Consulting’s business change support services provide cost-effective ways for organisations to increase employee acceptance of business change and user adoption of new ways of working.

Our proven methods are particularly relevant to change programmes centred on the deployment of new processes and new systems.

Our solutions and services in this area include:

Effective Business Change Alignment
Our unique process-led, user-focused approach aligns System, User and Process to maximise user adoption. More >

Oracle Tutor Business Change Facilitation
Our Tutor specialists are experts in facilitating business change and managing process definition and deployment using Oracle’s leading application. More >

Creating Skills and Competitive Advantage
Proficiency in systems and processes alone is not enough. Very often new skills are required to drive an organisation forward. More >

Strategic Training Outsource
Maintaining a fully resourced training function in-house can be costly. We offer flexible alternatives that could fit in well with your strategic vision. More >