• UPK Awareness and Planning Workshop

UPK Awareness and Planning Workshop

Oracle Gold PartnerA key strength of UPK is that it delivers benefits across the project lifecycle, from prototyping through testing, training, to post go-live performance support. UPK helps eliminate duplication and wasted effort across the project by supporting each phase with key support deliverables. These deliverables include: Business Process Documents, Test Scripts, Application Demonstrations, e-Learning, Assessments, In-application, context-sensitive performance support.

In order to prepare for and achieve these benefits there needs to be an awareness of the UPK capability and methodology across many functions of the project team.

Our UPK awareness and planning workshop is designed to bring as
many project team members as possible to a uniformly high level of understanding in preparation for a successful UPK project.

The deployment of UPK to support an enterprise/ERP application implementation or upgrade has implications across the entire project. It is critical that everyone involved understands how UPK will affect them and the benefits they can expect in relation to their responsibility or job role on the project team.

Deliverables include:

  • Setting expectations for project managers, test managers, subject matter experts, training managers and the IT and Network Support function
  • Gaining commitment from those whose input is essential
  • Dealing with questions and concerns at the outset
  • Discussion of the work and timing of the UPK deployment and content development so that it can fit seamlessly into the wider programme plan
  • Discussion of initial scoping and potential project plan so that resource needs and budgets can be determined
  • Preparation of a plan of action to cover activities such as Technical Review, Detailed Scoping, Standards Workshop, Developer and SME Induction, Content Authoring, Content Deployment, Monitoring and Reporting, Maintenance.

There are different approached to UPK deployment and Imparando’s Consultants can use their experience of delivering projects, both large and small to guide the client in determining the best approach to satisfy  their individual requirements. In addition Imparando can provide various levels of engagement ranging from a complete outsource of the work through to provision of the essential services and training to enable the client to do the work with their own resources.


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