• datango Content Development and Authoring

datango Content Development and Authoring

Our datango content development and authoring services enable clients to harness the datango performance suite (dps) skills of our consultants for the creation of high quality, consistent and effective content.

Imparando’s datango developers are used to working together as a team and adhere to proven Imparando methodology and authoring standards. The result is top quality datango content that is accurate, engaging and oriented to the learner.

We can also support your datango development with specialists in other areas of learning development, such as project management, team leadership, user assessment development and LMS integration.

Increasingly clients recognise that success requires more than simply tools. Highly skilled and experienced developers are needed if your aim is to create the most effective training content. Indeed, we are regularly asked to redevelop content that has previously been created to less exacting standards by other developers.

Deliverables include:

  • Project set-up and preparation
  • Developer and SME induction
  • Development of high quality, consistent content through an established  9-stage develop and review process
  • Validation and sign-off by the client as part of hand-over
  • Client documentation for all work delivered
  • Publishing and deployment of content for implementation/go-live.

Variable depending on the client’s requirements.

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