• Technical Services

Imparando provides a complete range of technical services that support the design, implementation, installation, configuration and upgrading of UPK/UPK Professional (Knowledge Centre) environments.

Our services in this area include:

UPK/UPK Professional Environment Design and Installation Consultancy
We provide a Certified UPK Technical Consultant to scope your designated infrastructure. We can then implement the installation and configuration of the UPK Development and Deployment Environments or assist your internal IT support with the implementation. This will be documented and knowledge transferred to your internal support staff and lead developers for BAU (business as usual).

UPK/UPK Professional Environment Migration and Upgrades
Are you considering moving or upgrading your UPK systems? We provide a Certified UPK Technical Consultant to assist you with specialist product support and guidance. Note: This service is ideally used in conjunction with our UPK Technical Audit and Health Check (see below).

UPK Technical Audits and Environment Health Checks
Are you experiencing frequent UPK issues and slow performance or thinking of upgrading or expanding your UPK eLearning systems?  A Technical Audit of your UPK environment can identify and resolve any issues you may be encountering now, or which could be encountered during upgrading or migrating UPK environments.

UPK Project Technical/Application Lead
We can also provide a Certified UPK Technical Consultant to take the role of Lead Product Specialist in large UPK Professional implementations and so help to ensure the success of your UPK project.

General UPK Technical Consultancy
If you are experiencing issues relating to your UPK/UPK Professional eLearning environment we can troubleshoot, diagnose and implement a fix. Very often we can do this remotely to save you time and money. If a bug in the software is identified we will work directly with Oracle on your behalf to gather information and implement available patches.

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