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Hosting Services

Imparando offers full or part UPK hosted solutions that encompass not only the UPK development environment but also Subject Matter Expert (SME) review sites and full content deployment hosting as well, if required.

If you need an expert provider to take away the technical risk and complexity of hosting your own internal environment, we are very flexible and can quickly tailor the right short- or long-term solution for your needs.  This is extremely valuable when you need to jump-start a Content Development Project.

Our services in this area include:

UPK Hosted Development Environments
Our UPK hosting packages (which include our Quick Start package) include complete setup of the UPK environment and remote workstations, and ongoing UPK server and Developer* technical support.

UPK Hosted Review and Staging Sites
During the development life cycle of UPK content it’s necessary for content to be quality assured by your SME team to enable it to proceed to the next stage of the approval process.  We can provide a staging and review environment for your content so that your team of SMEs can QA from anywhere in the world, provided they have internet access.

UPK Hosted Content Deployment Environments
Our UPK content hosting solutions make it simpler for you to deploy newly created content to the enterprise. Outsourcing this burden mitigates common issues such as LAN (Local Area Network) Bandwidth Saturation and Content Accessibility. Correct content location is critical to ensure content is available to all of your target user audience, some of which may exist outside of your corporate network.  These challenges are quickly overcome with external hosting. 

Knowledge Center (Standard and Professional) Hosted Environments
Knowledge Center Standard offers a mechanism for Deployment, Authentication, Tracking and Reporting of your content. The Professional version provides all this plus enriched Deployment features and an enhanced Tracking and Reporting engine. We offer tailored hosting solutions for both versions that enable you to make the most of Knowledge Center’s centralised platform for content management

Secure SSO for UKAMF member organisations
As members of UKAMF we are able to support secure SSO (Single Sign On) authentication to our hosted content deployment systems for other UKAMF members. UKAMF is the UK Access Management Federation for Education and Research.
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*Developer support requires Support Services Contract.