• Employee Proficiency Support

A primary objective of our application training solutions is to maximise user adoption and optimise employee proficiency. However, with continuing employee proficiency support you can ensure that user focus doesn’t end with go-live of new systems and processes.

Knowledge attrition cannot be ignored. People change jobs. They move to new roles or take on new responsibilities. New joiners come on board.

That’s why Imparando supports the full system lifecycle – development, rollout, upgrades, and also on-going operation. In this way client organisations can ensure that:

  • Employee proficiency is maintained and optimised over the longer term
  • Knowledge attrition is minimised
  • New processes, procedures and policies are adopted quickly and efficiently
  • Customer service is maximised
  • Regulatory compliance is maintained
  • Employee proficiency is used as the base for developing employee productivity and performance.

Services we can offer in this area include:

  • Ad hoc or regular employee proficiency assessments and audits
  • UPK content maintenance and refreshing, including in-application support
  • Compliance updates
  • New joiner modules
  • New topic development and blended learning rollout.

For more information, please email us or call 0845 262 9492.