• Proven Application Training Project Process

Whether we are delivering a complete training content development and rollout or individual services, we consider the challenge within the framework of our three-stage application training project process.

This proven approach takes into account user and organisational needs across the full system development lifecycle and, indeed, far beyond the go-live point. In this way, employee proficiency and productivity can be attained, maintained and developed.

The three stages are:

1. Alignment of System, User and Process

Where required, we can provide an Oracle Tutor implementation and operating model to support the definition, documentation, communication and on-going maintenance of business processes and procedures.

Depending on when we are engaged in the wider systems development project, we can facilitate Business Process Workshops to capture business processes. We consider the needs of the business and end users, providing valuable input to help teams arrive at an optimal user-focused solution that aligns System, User and Process. For example, our experience can help in mediating a compromise between adapting the process and adapting the system, while not overly customising the system with resultant cost implications.

2. Content Development and Review Cycle

At this stage we follow a rigorous content development process, which we adapt to the needs of each client organisation. This ensures that every aspect of the development, SME review and publishing has been completed, and validated for business use.

3. Training Delivery and Assessment

We then roll out the training programme using the most cost-effective blend of eLearning, classroom training, user assessment and online in-application help and support.