• Major Cost Efficiencies & Added Value

Through a combination of developer expertise, approach and the use of best-in-class content development tools we typically achieve:

  • 75%+ reduction in time to develop documentation content
  • 75%+ reduction in time to develop classroom content
  • 95%+ reduction in time to develop online content

These reductions are compared with traditional approach to developing training content and running training courses.

What’s more, Imparando’s blended approach is not only ideally suited to today’s enterprise application users, it also offers many additional benefits over traditional training methods.

Advantages of the Imparando blended solution

  • Self-paced content is available for refresher training and to train new hires at no additional cost
  • Business process documents, test scripts and job aids are available as by-products of content development
  • UPK provides assessments which are proven to promote learning through recall
  • Assessments reassure stakeholders that a target level of competence has been achieved
  • Classroom sessions are received better by the users when a variety of support material is available
  • Content is available to users as context-sensitive performance support beyond go-live
  • If there are changes to the application or the business process, one edit to the UPK content will enable a single, simultaneous update of all the outputs.
  • A reduction in classroom training reduces facility, travel and subsistence costs.

So in addition to cost savings, clients gain significant added value – both immediately and over the long-term.