• High Quality Content Development

System implementations live or die by user adoption. Yet often user training is bolted on late in the lifecycle – and sometimes training content isn’t even prepared by eLearning specialists.

The outcome? User adoption and proficiency with the new system can be disappointingly low. We mitigate this all-too-common risk by ensuring the highest quality, most cost-effective user training content. This is achieved through:

  • Exceptional skills in training content development – our substantial team of consultants/content developers offers the best available skills in content development tools such as Oracle UPK/UPK Pro and datango.
  • Rigorous application of standards – our consultants develop ‘Rich Content’ with insight, accuracy and discipline. They write in concise English, with clarity and consistency, to facilitate the learning process.
  • Broader skills in large-scale user training programmes – our consultants are skilled not only in user training content development but also in user training planning, delivery and assessment.
  • Empathy with users and learners – our consultants have training backgrounds, so they see challenges clearly from the learner’s perspective.
  • Business and strategic focus – our consultants have a wealth of experience of the enterprise, so they are able to balance System, User and Process considerations.
  • Close teamwork and the ability to hit the ground running – our consultants/training content developers work as a team. They know each other and their respective skill sets, and they are therefore able to make rapid, high-value contributions to your user training project.
  • Accountability and transparency – project reporting provides visibility of project progress, enabling milestones to be met and any potential user weaknesses to be quickly identified and acted upon.