• Employee Proficiency Optimised

Our expert focus on maximising employee proficiency is another key reason for choosing Imparando for enterprise application/ERP user training projects. Optimum employee proficiency is the vital pre-requisite for developing employee productivity and performance, and our whole approach supports this logical progression.

A critical success factor for user training is that employees learn how to do their jobs effectively using the company’s processes and systems – and that they feel motivated to do so. For example, when employees understand why new systems are being deployed and why new processes have been defined, it paves the way for the embracement of change within an organisation.

We therefore consider employee proficiency and user adoption issues within the full lifecycle of the enterprise application deployment and within the broader context of business transformation.

Accordingly we can advise on how best to:

  • Align System, User and Process at the earliest possible point in the system implementation lifecycle Engage users in new or changed business processes
  • Answer users’ ‘What, How and Why?’ questions – not just ‘What and How?’
  • Create and make readily available high quality content in the context of specific operations in the client organisation
  • Provide user assessment, which is critical for users (to reinforce learning) and for the organisation (to measure ROI).