• Best User Adoption Consultants

We make this claim with confidence as our consultants truly understand how vital your people are to the successful introduction of new systems and new processes in your organisation.

What’s more, the quality of our people is endorsed by Oracle: Imparando was the first application training solutions provider in the UK to have a substantial team of consultants qualified as Oracle UPK Certified Implementation Specialists.

Our extensive team consists of some of Europe’s most experienced consultants, highly skilled in the use of leading platforms such as Oracle UPK/UPK Professional, Oracle Tutor and datango performance suite (dps).

Our flexible services allow our consultants’ skills to be harnessed in various ways by major organisations for:

  • The development, editing and communication of business processes
  • The development of high quality, consistent and engaging learning content
  • The creation and delivery of e-Learning titles, blended courses and context-sensitive, in-application support solutions that maximise employee proficiency, productivity and performance.

Add our Technical, Support and Hosting specialists and client organisations have everything needed to create and deploy the most cost-effective user- and business-focused training programmes.